About The French Bulldog


French Bulldog

Group: Non sporting
Size: small
Lifespan: 9 - 12 years (+ or -)
Exercise: very low
Grooming: very low
Trainability: easy
Watchdog ability: medium
Protection ability: guard home
Area of Origin: France
Date of Origin: 1800's
Other Names: Bouledogue Français
Original Function: lap dog


Although native to France, the French Bulldog has a strong English ancestry. During the middle of the 1800's, many English lace makers immigrated to France in search of a better living, taking their beloved toy Bulldogs with them. Once in France, the miniature Bulldogs were crossed with other local breeds, until the French Bulldog, with its distinctive "bat" ears, was developed and bred true. Originally called the "Bouledogue Français," the breed gained a strong following, and in 1902, a specialty club was formed and the Frenchie was officially recognised by the Kennel Club. Although it has never been an outrageously popular dog at the shows, its charming personality has earned it many loyal fans around the world. It makes an excellent family companion and enjoys life in the city or suburbs.



This breed is courageous, loyal, affectionate and smart. They make good family pets and will warn of stranger, they like to play the role of family guardian. Patient and sweet, French Bulldogs crave companionship and do not do well on their own. French Bulldogs do not bark without cause. They may become very possessive and protective of their owners. Frenchies will hunt mice, and make excellent companions for the elderly.


The Frenchie has minimal exercise requirements, although it is a fun-loving dog. It enjoys a romp outdoors, but it doesn’t do well in hot, humid weather. A short walk on lead is sufficient to meet most of its physical needs. This breed should not live outdoors. It requires minimal coat care.

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